You might resort to removal companies as a last resort, and in order to make the most out of their investments customers might do some things that put the movers off. Customers also tend to forget the movers have very hard jobs, and they might get frustrated with some of the things done by customers. We have made a list of things you should avoid when hiring movers.


  • Don’t add extra things on the moving day

This means furniture and other items that weren’t included initially. So don’t go around purchasing new furniture with the intention of it getting moved by the removals company. Be considerate of the people, as moving and packing a whole house is not an easy task.


  • Make sure you sign terms and conditions

If you haven’t signed terms and conditions, you can’t really expect them to turn up either. The terms and conditions contract is there to protect the company as much to protect you. Customers who sign such agreements get priority over those who don’t.

  • Pack important things before hand

If you already have decided that you will pack things beforehand, then make sure you do it prior to the moving day. And if for any reason you aren’t able, contact the moving company and they will send packers to do the job for you. There are a lot of affordable movers who have packages that include moving and packing at inexpensive rates.

  • Be hospitable

Make sure you deal with the movers politely and are accommodating to whatever they need. You should be around to monitor the whole process so you are in the loop of whatever that is going on. Offer the movers drinks and snacks because it can be a very exhausting process.


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